How do I get to my download?

Navigate up to the My Account section on the upper right.

Sign in

Under downloads, all of your downloads will be listed with links next to them.

How do I get the face on my watch?

Make sure you have the clockology app downloaded. (Clockology app will offer you a paid subscription this is not necessary to display our faces.)

Click on the download link in your downloads in Safari.

Approve the download.

Click the blue down arrow in the bottom left.

Click downloads.

Click the face file.

It will open in clockology app from there and you can import/ push over to your watch.

My face only stays on for 2 min how can I get it to stay on longer?

On your watch press the digital crown.

Go to Settings -> General -> Return to Clock

Select After 1 Hour

Since Clockology is a third party app Apple will only allow it to stay on the screen for an hour at a time without a tap from the user.

See the next question for how to create a complication on the main screen to navigate back to your clockology faces quickly if it reverts to the stock apple face.

How can I get back to the clockology app if it closes on my watch?

The best way is to pick a stock apple face that has complications in the corners or top/bottom.

Clockology can be added as a complication so that with just one tap you are back to your watch face if it turns off.

Apple has a great tutorial on how to add complications please click here to view the video. 

Your selection will be the clockology app for the complication.

What is clockology and where do I download it from?

Clockology is the iPhone and Apple Watch app we use to display the faces.


Please follow this link on your phone to download the app.

FYI we have been made aware that there are imposter apps that cost money. Only use the link above the app is free and none of our faces or content requires a subscription.

You are welcome to subscribe if you wish but it is not necessary to display the faces you purchase from us.